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Most Recent Sermon

3-6-201611amDoug Shood3-6-2016
9-6-201511amGreg Sermon 9-6-2015
8-30-201511 amDoug ShoddThe Power of your Influence
8-16-201511amDoug ShoddYou may have forgotten this comandment
5-24-201511amDoug Rice5-24-2015
2/15/1511amDoug RiceFollow Your Heart?Devotion
2/8/1511amDoug ShoddThere Needs to Be Vision in Our WorkGrowth
1/25/1511amDoug ShoddThe Two BuildersGrowth
1/18/1511amDoug ShoddSpiritual ProsperityChristian Living
1/11/1511amDoug ShoddPaul, Teach Me About PrayerPrayer
1/4/1511amDoug ShoddThe Me First MentalityAttitude
12/14/1411amDoug ShoddIt's What's Inside that CountsAttitude
12/7/1411amDoug ShoddGod's or Satan's ToolsRighteousness
11/30/1411amDoug ShoddBeing Different Makes a DifferenceChristian Living
11/23/1411amDoug ShoddIt is BetterGrowth
10/26/1411amDoug ShoddFlee, Follow, Fight, and Hold On!Perseverance
10/19/1411amDoug ShoddWhy Do I Have So Many Problems?Hope
9/28/149:15amDoug RiceNailed to the CrossThe New Covenant
6/16/136pmJosh MooreThe Far CountryRepentance
6/16/1311amDoug ShoddThe Man of the HouseFamily
4/14/1311amJason ShoddIt's Time to Wake Up Part 1Repentance
3/17/1311amJason ShoddOvercoming SinSin
3/10/1311amJason ShoddThe Victorious KingdomAssurance
3/3/136pmJason ShoddCourage Part 2Courage
3/3/1311amJason ShoddCourage Part 1Courage
2/17/1311amJason ShoddThe Picture in Isaiah 2The Greatness of Christ
2/3/1311amJason ShoddThe Three Loves of a Disciple Part 2Christian Service
1/27/1311amJason ShoddThe Three Loves of a Disciple Part 1Christian Service
1/20/136pmDoug RiceThe Real Health and Wealth GospelDevotion
1/20/1311amDoug ShoddIt's Time to Wake UpEncouragement
1/13/1311amJason ShoddLessons from the Life of HezekiahCharacter Studies
12/23/1211amJason ShoddThe Virgin Birth of ChristGreatness of Christ
12/9/1211amJason ShoddThe Way, the Truth, and the LifeGreatness of Christ
12/2/1211amJason ShoddGod Speaks Through His SonGreatness of Christ
11/11/1211amJason ShoddJust One: That's AllDoctrine
11/4/1211amJason ShoddThe Proper Use of TimeChristian Living
10/21/1211amJason ShoddThree Marks of a ChristianChristian Living
10/7/1211amJason ShoddThree CheersAssurance
9/23/126pmJason ShoddJude 24-25Bible Studies
9/23/1211amJason ShoddJude 17-23Bible Studies
9/16/126pmJason ShoddJude 5-7Bible Studies
9/16/1211amJason ShoddJude 3-4Bible Studies
9/9/126pmJason ShoddThe Epistle of Jude: Part 2Bible Studies
9/9/1211amJason ShoddThe Epistle of Jude: Part 1Bible Studies
9/2/126pmJason ShoddColossians - God's Second StringBible Studies
8/26/201211amJason ShoddColossians - Basics for Living in ChristBible Studies
8/19/20126pmDoug RiceDo Not WorryAssurance
8/19/201211amRich MasonJonah, More than a Big Fish StoryCharacter Studies
8/12/20126pmJason ShoddColossians - Believer Beware Pt 2Bible Studies
8/12/201211amJason ShoddColossians - Believer Beware Pt 1Bible Studies
8/5/20126pmJason ShoddColossians - Paul's Prayer for the ColossiansBible Studies
8/5/201211amJason ShoddThe Epistle to the ColossiansBible Studies
7/29/201211amJason ShoddThe Church Moving ForwardThe Church
7/22/20126pmJason ShoddWho Are You? Part 2Assurance
7/22/201211amJason ShoddWho Are You? Part 1Assurance
7/15/20126pmDoug RiceHate the Sin Love the SinnerEvangelism
7/15/201211amTom DusseauShamgar and the OxgoadChristian Service
7/8/20126pmJason ShoddThe Rich FoolMoney
7/8/201211amJason ShoddHow Are Your Eyes?Spiritual Blindness
7/1/20126pmJason ShoddCreation or Evolution Pt 2Evolution
7/1/201211amJason ShoddCreation or Evolution Pt 1Evolution
6/24/201211amJason ShoddThe Blood of the CrossDeath of Christ
6/17/201211amJason ShoddThe Kind of Fathers We NeedFamily
6/10/20126pmJason ShoddWorthy Goals for the ChurchThe Church
6/10/201211amJason ShoddWorthy Goals for the Church Pt 1The Church
6/3/20126pmJason ShoddJonahBible Studies
6/3/201211amJason ShoddWorkers Together with GodChristian Service
5/27/201211amJason ShoddSome Things That Will Help Us Live BetterPersonal Growth
5/20/20126pmJason ShoddThe Wonders We HaveBlessings
5/20/201211amJason ShoddFor What Should We Pray?Prayer
5/6/20126pmJason ShoddKinds of Sin Pt. 2Sin
5/6/201211amJason ShoddKinds of Sin Pt. 1Sin
4/29/20126pmJason ShoddWhat is Sin?Sin
4/22/20126pmJason ShoddThe Origin of Sin Pt. 2Sin
4/22/201211amJason ShoddThe Origin of Sin Pt. 1Sin
4/1/201211amJason ShoddWhy Do You Make Yourself Sad?Happiness
3/18/201211amJason ShoddTotal CommitmentDevotion
3/11/201211amJason ShoddPsalmsBible Studies
3/4/20126pmJason ShoddIs the Sabbath Binding? Pt. 2Old Law
3/4/201211amJason ShoddIs the Sabbath Binding? Pt. 1Old Law
2/26/201211amJason ShoddThe Book of PhilemonBible Studies
2/19/20126pmJason ShoddThe Book of 3rd JohnBible Studies
2/19/201211amJason ShoddThe Book of 2nd JohnBible Studies
2/12/20126pmJason ShoddDon't Be Discouraged Pt. 2Encouragement
2/12/201211amJason ShoddDon't Be Discouraged Pt. 1Encouragement
2/5/20126pmJason ShoddWhy Study the Bible Pt. 3The Bible
2/5/201211amJason ShoddWhy Study the Bible Pt. 2The Bible
1/29/201211amJason ShoddWhy Study the Bible Pt. 1The Bible
1/22/20126pmJason ShoddAm I Ready for the Lord to Come Back?Christ's Return
1/22/201211amJason ShoddThe Gifts of GodBlessings
1/15/20126pmDoug RiceHow to ForgiveForgiveness
1/15/201211amJason ShoddDavid's Charge to SolomonEncouragement
1/8/20126pmJason ShoddLooking Forward to HeavenHeaven
1/8/201211amJason ShoddIt Is FinishedDeath of Christ
1/1/201211amJason ShoddWho Am I?Priorities
12/25/201111amJason ShoddThe Greatness of ChristGreatness of Christ
12/18/201111amJason ShoddThe First Century ChurchThe Church
12/11/20116pmJason ShoddOwnership of My SoulResponsibility
12/4/20116pmJason ShoddSalvation is the Source of HappinessHappiness
12/4/201111amJason ShoddNathan's Rebuke Pt. 2Repentance
11/27/201111amJason ShoddNathan's Rebuke Pt. 1Repentance
11/20/20116pmJason ShoddWhat It Takes to Be Interested in the Lord's Work Pt. 2Christian Service
11/20/201111amJason ShoddWhat It Takes to Be Interested in the Lord's Work Pt. 1Christian Service
11/13/20116pmJason ShoddWalking in the Fear of the LordHonoring God
11/13/201111amJason ShoddUseful for the MasterRighteousness
11/6/20116pmJason ShoddWhere Are You?Devotion
11/6/201111amJason ShoddWhat a Friend We Have in JesusAssurance
10/30/20116pmJason ShoddThe Ideal HomeFamily
10/30/201111amJason ShoddI Want to Be ForgivingForgiveness
10/23/20116pmJason ShoddGarden of GethsemaneDeath of Christ
10/23/201111amJason ShoddJesus and CrowdsEvangelism
10/16/20116pmJason ShoddThe Obligations of the ChurchThe Church
10/16/201111amJason ShoddDavid's Repentent HeartCharacter Studies
10/9/20116pmJason ShoddIngratitudeThanksgiving
10/9/201111amJason ShoddSalvation by GraceGrace
10/2/20116pmJason ShoddHe Went Away SorrowfulPriorities
10/2/201111amJason ShoddThe Christian InfluenceEvangelism
9/25/20116pmJason ShoddNo One is PerfectGrace
9/25/201111amJason ShoddThe Lord's ArmyThe Church
9/18/20116pmJason ShoddThe Godly FatherFamily
9/18/201111amJason ShoddThe Origin, Purpose, and Result of the Word of GodBible Studies
9/11/20116pmJason ShoddHow Sin DeceivesSin
9/11/201111amJason ShoddThe Assurances and Blessings of Being a ChristianAssurance
9/4/20116pmJason ShoddPaul's ConversionCharacter Studies
9/4/201111amJason ShoddThe Blood of ChristForgiveness
8/28/20116pmJason ShoddAbel, a Righteous Man of GodRighteousness
8/28/201111amJason ShoddBeware of Evil CompanionsTemptation
8/21/20116pmJason ShoddA Generation that Knew Not GodKnowledge
8/21/201111amJason ShoddA Well Balanced LifeBalance
8/14/201111amJason ShoddA Wise ManWisdom

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