Total Commitment: Sermon Outline (Sunday AM 03/11/12)

This sermon was preached by Jason Shodd on Sunday, March 11 2012 at 11:00AM. To download the sermon, CLICK HERE, or just listen from the webpage. If you would like a CD made of these sermons, let us know and we would be happy to oblige.


A.               Illustration:

In the 1976 Summer Olympics, Shun Fujimoto competed in the team gymnastics competition for Japan. In a quest for the gold medal, Fujimoto suffered a broken right knee in the floor exercise. But this injury did not stop him, for during the next week he competed in his strongest event, the rings. His routine was excellent, but he astounded everyone by squarely dismounting with a triple somersault twist on a broken right knee. When asked concerning his feat, he said, “Yes, the pain shot through me like a knife. It brought tears to my eyes. But now Ihave the gold medal and the pain is gone.”

1.              Here we have one who was truly committed to his sport and his country.

2.              So committed was this man that he would let nothing stop him short of his goal.

3.              We need this same type of commitment today in the Lord’s church!

4.              Paul tells us that we need to be “fervent in spirit; serving the Lord” (Roman 12:9-11 9 Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. 10 Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another; 11 not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; 12 rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer;).

B.              Illustration:

A hen and a pig came upon a church building and read the advertised sermon on the billboard out front, which read, “What can we do to help the poor?” Immediately the hen suggested they feed them bacon and eggs. The pig thought for a moment and said, “There is one thing wrong with feeding bacon and eggs to the poor. For you it only requires a contribution, but for me it requires total commitment!”

1.              Many today are not willing to be totally committed to the Lord because it demands too much of them.

2.              Oh, we need to remember (Romans 8:18 18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.)

3.            Total commitment is worth every effort.

C.              What is commitment?

1.            A definition: a pledge to fulfill, an obligation, to obligate ourselves to a cause.

2.            Synonyms: responsibility, pledge, promise, vow, resolution, determination.


I.                                    THE LORD WANTS TOTAL COMMITMENT

A.              (Matthew 19:16-22 Slide) Rich young ruler

a.  This young man was not totally committed financially – he cared more for his money than he did the Lord.

b.  Totally committed means totally committed

B.              (Matthew 10:34-39 34 “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. 35 For I have come to ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law’; 36 and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’37 He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. 38 And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. 39 He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.)

a.  We are to be totally committed – to put God above ALL people or things.

b.  We are even to put God above our family.


A.              (Deuteronomy 24:16 16 “Fathers shall not be put to death for theirchildren, nor shall children be put to death for their fathers; a person shall be put to death for his own sin.)

a.               Parents can’t blame it on the children.

b.              Children can’t blame it on the parents.

B.              (Job 19:4 4 And if indeed I have erred, My error remains with me.)

a.  Job knew he couldn’t blame his sin on anyone else.

b.  He was responsible.

C.              (Proverbs 9:12 12 If you are wise, you are wise for yourself, and if you scoff, you will bear it alone.”)

D.              (Jeremiah 31:30 30 But every one shall die for his own iniquity; every man who eats the sour grapes, his teeth shall be set on edge.)

E.               (Ezekiel 18:20 20 The soul who sins shall die. The son shall not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father bear the guilt of the son. The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself.)


A.                 Personal incompetence.

a.  This is what Moses did.

1.    “Who am I? … What shall I say unto them? … I am not eloquent,” slide only don’t need to read: (Exodus 3:11 11 But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?”, 13 13 Then Moses said to God, “Indeed, when I come to the children of Israel and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they say to me, ‘What isHis name?’ what shall I say to them?”, 4:10 10 Then Moses said to the Lord, “O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before nor since You have spoken to Your servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue.”)

2.    Do we use these excuses…

b.            This is what Jeremiah did.

1.     (Jeremiah 1:6-7 Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.” 7 But the Lord said to me: “Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’ For you shall go to all to whom I send you, and whatever I command you, you shall speak.)

2.    Are we using these old worn out excuses?

c.             Some say it is too difficult for me.

a.      (Proverbs 22:13 The lazy man says, “There is a lion outside! I shall be slain in the streets!”)

b.    Nothing of lasting value ever comes easy.

IV.                      THINGS WE ARE TO BE COMMITTED TO.

A.           Committed to God.

a.               (Matthew 22:37-38 37 Jesus said to him, “‘you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’38 This is the first and great commandment.) … We are to love God with every ounce of our being.

b.       (John 14:15 15 “If you love Me, keep My commandments.)

c.       (Matthew 6:33 33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.)

B.           Committed to Truth.

a.       (Jeremiah 6:16-17 “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it;)

b.       (Jude 3 3 Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.)

C.            Committed to Each Other.

a.     (Matthew 7:12 12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.)

1.  Do we treat our brethren as we would want to be treated spiritually?

2.  Do we treat our brethren as we would want to be treated physically?

b.    (Matthew 22:39 39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’)

D.           Committed to Our Family

a.       (Ephesians 5:22-23, 25 22 Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. 23 For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body 25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her,.)

b.         (Ephesians 6:4 4 And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord.)

E.            Committed to Purity and Modesty.

a.       (Philippians 4:8 8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things arepure, whatever things arelovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.)

F.            Committed to Souls.

a.       (Matthew 28:19-20 19 Go thereforeand make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.)

b.       (Proverbs 11:30 30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise.)


A.           Do we have total commitment to the Lord and His requirements for us, or are we just trying to get by?

B.           God does not want our second best; He has never accepted anyone’s second best.
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